Nadine Dorries has hilarious response to being 'banned' from Naked Attraction

The Independent 15:05 12.04

The culture secretary had a very dry response to Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson banning her from the show.Nadine Dorries responded: “The nation is saved” along with a screenshot of an article from The Independent about how Dorries would not be welcome on the naked dating programme due to the ...

Florida ride where teen fell to his death is ‘serious danger to public health,’ officials say

NBC News 06:07 07.04

Tyre Sampson, 14, fell from the Free Fall attraction at ICON Park in Orlando on the night of March 24.

Florida ride where teen fell to his death is ‘serious danger to public health,’ officials said

NBC News 03:09 07.04

Tyre Sampson, 14, fell from the Free Fall attraction at ICON Park in Orlando on the night of March 24.

Dollywood temporarily closes ride after teen's fatal fall at Florida amusement park

NBC News 15:07 28.03

The Drop Line ride at Dollywood was closed "out of an abundance of caution" after Tyre Sampson, 14, fell out of the Orlando Free Fall attraction at ICON Park, officials said.

Body camera footage shows moments following Florida tiger attack

NBC News 06:07 26.03

New images have been released out of Florida following a tiger attack. A roadside tourist attraction employee was left lying on the ground with deep wounds on his arms after he reached into a tiger enclosure. Warning: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing. 

Tiger attacks worker of Florida airboat tours company at wildlife park

NBC News 03:07 23.03

Wooten’s Everglades Airboat Tours in southwest Florida says it keeps two tigers as part of its wildlife attraction.

Deep Water review – erotic thriller loves Ben Affleck’s slack-jawed look

The Guardian 12:14 14.03

Hollow-faced Affleck becomes murderously obsessed with wife Ana de Armas’s infidelities in baffling return from Fatal Attraction’s Adrian Lyne

Naked Attraction viewers shocked by contestant's rude response to being rejected

The Independent 18:09 11.03

It's difficult to accept rejection, but even more difficult when you're naked as a Naked Attraction contestant.The British show asks contestants to stand naked in front of a person trying to find their perfect match based entirely on looks. It's a daunting experience. On Wednesday's episode, Nameya ...

‘The hideous truth is that jealousy is an aphrodisiac’: Fatal Attraction director on sex, shrinks and snails

The Guardian 21:15 10.03

British film-maker Adrian Lyne hit paydirt with a string of erotic thrillers, but Deep Water is his first movie for 20 years. Can stars (and ex-lovers) Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas outsweat Glenn Close and Michael Douglas? ?

Britain's miraculous, life-saving garden shed

BBC 00:01 14.02

Before the pandemic, Dr Jenner's House – where the world's first vaccine was given – was an obscure tourism site. Post-Covid, it could become a major international attraction.

Together forever: lessons for lifelong lovers

The Guardian 18:11 12.02

After that initial attraction, what keeps a couple together? And as we change and grow over the years, how do we make sure we move in the same direction? Philippa Perry and five other relationship experts on how to keep that loving feeling

Far From the Big City, New Economic Life

NyTimes 15:07 12.02

Incomes are low in small-town Tennessee, but so is the cost of living. That attraction could be a key to reviving many rural areas.

What romance novels can teach us about attraction

Vox 18:10 09.02

Romance authors are philosophers of love. Here’s how they think about chemistry.

Game of Thrones studio opens door to Westeros, in Northern Ireland

BBC 00:01 05.02

A major new attraction launches at one of the hit TV show's filming locations in Northern Ireland.

Gainsborough's Blue Boy: The private life of a masterpiece

BBC 03:01 21.01

Few other paintings in art history have become such a powerful symbol of non-conformist gender identity and same-sex attraction, writes Matthew Wilson.

Walk Me to the Corner by Anneli Furmark review – Brief Encounter for the digital age

The Guardian 12:10 03.01

The Swedish graphic novelist perfectly captures the rush, confusion and pain of a marriage exploded by unexpected attraction

Sands of time are slipping away for England’s crumbling coasts amid climate crisis

The Guardian 21:11 01.01

Along the eastern shore, seaside attractions are being demolished and millions of homes are at risk as rising sea levels speed erosion

Mick Jagger Is the Normie King of Instagram

Rolling Stone 21:02 30.12

Rolling Stones frontman talked with The Washington Post about the low-key way he documents his excursions to local spots and tourist attractions on social media

Why 'quirky' people are attractive

BBC 03:01 26.12

There are some universal standards of beauty, so why has evolution not made us all beautiful? When it comes to attraction, originality can pay off.

My winter of love: The lesbian gathering was freezing cold. Would a clinch with an anarchist help?

The Guardian 09:10 22.12

It was bitter weather in Geneva in 1986 and all any of us could think about was getting warm. Then I met a charismatic woman and felt a strong mutual attraction

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