Singapore hardens opinion against death penalty as ‘sense of injustice’ grows

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

High-profile death row case prompts some Singaporeans to call for executions to be halted though overall support for capital punishment remains high

No More ‘Have a Nice Day’: Lviv Learns to Live With War

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

Ukraine’s cultural capital, the western city of Lviv, is trying to adjust to being on the fringes of war and at the center of massive displacement.

The endless debate about spoilers keeps us consuming boring art

Vox 03:11 10.04

Is it all just part of a capitalist plot? Well?? l?? Is it???

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: Borrell and Von der Leyen off to Kyiv; Zelenskiy says Borodyanka ‘much worse’ than Bucha– live

The Guardian 09:12 08.04

Ukrainian president foreshadows discovery of more atrocities near Kyiv; European leaders post photos en route to the capital

One of the world's smallest capital cities

BBC 03:01 08.04

Built on land reclaimed from the sea, Seychelles' tiny capital city can't get any bigger – but with a vibrant culture and fascinating history, it doesn't need to.

Russians discussed killings of civilians in radio traffic intercepted by Germany, officials say.

NyTimes 21:08 07.04

The report adds to evidence of indiscriminate killings by Russian forces. It could not be confirmed whether the radio transmissions collected by German intelligence were from Bucha or another place near the capital, an official said.

How Miami is pushing to become the cryptocurrency capital

NBC News 18:08 07.04

Miami is aiming to establish itself as the center of the crypto universe as it hosts a major bitcoin conference this week. Part of the draw to Miami includes lower taxes, friendly crypto legislation and vocal spokesperson, Mayor Frances Suarez, who takes his salary in bitcoin. NBC’s Kate Rooney reports for TODAY from Miami Beach.

Inside Miami’s effort to become America’s cryptocurrency capital

NBC News 03:09 07.04

New s.jsp?otsikko=Miami">Miami is hoping to lure tech from New s.jsp?otsikko=Silicon">Silicon New s.jsp?otsikko=Valley">Valley and finance from New York by embracing cryptocurrency. CNBC’s Kate Rooney takes us to the city for a closer look at how businesses and investors are using crypto and speaks with Mayor Francis Suarez about transforming New s.jsp?otsikko=Miami">Miami to embrace what he believes will “define the future of our country and our world.”

The world's most polluted capital city

BBC 18:01 06.04

In Northern In dia, a concoction of seven different fungi could help to thin the smog that pervades the capital city with the worst air pollution in the world.

Collectors $100M Raise at $4.3B Valuation Reflects Chernin, Cohen Confidence

Rolling Stone 15:02 06.04

Collectors Holdings (Collectors ) recently announced a $100 million raise at a $4.3 billion valuation. Existing investors D1 Capital Partners, Cohen Private Ventures and The Chernin Group financed t…

The fungi cleaning New Delhi's air

BBC 12:01 06.04

In Northern In dia, a concoction of seven different fungi could help to thin the smog that pervades the capital city with the worst air pollution in the world.

Peru Lifts Curfew That Shut Down Capital to Curb Protests Over Fuel Prices

NyTimes 06:07 06.04

President Pedro Castillo had banned Lima residents from leaving their homes for nearly 24 hours, raising concerns among human rights groups and critics, but demonstrations continued after he backtracked.

At Least 200 Feared Dead in Apartments Hit by Russia, Officials Say

NyTimes 03:07 06.04

After Russian forces withdrew from Borodyanka, a commuter town near Ukraine’s capital, families are searching the rubble for bodies.

Russian troops pull back from Kyiv, leaving horrors in their wake

Vox 00:10 05.04

After bodies of civilians are discovered around the Ukraine capital US and NATO allies are expressing shock and promising tougher sanctions.

A Landscaper, an Aspiring Social Worker: Lives Cut Short in Sacramento Shooting

NyTimes 00:07 05.04

It was still unclear on Monday who was behind the gunfire that left six dead and 12 wounded in California’s capital early Sunday.

Horrifying images from Ukraine spark renewed calls for war crime investigations

NBC News 18:07 04.04

U.S. and European leaders push for Russia to be held accountable as Ukrainian officials gather evidence of possible war crimes in towns outside the capital, Kyiv.

Sacramento shooting: At least six dead in centre of California state capital

BBC 15:01 04.04

Twelve are also injured after the shooting early on Sunday in California's state capital.

Mass shooting leaves six dead, injures 12 in California capital

NBC News 03:08 04.04

Gunfire broke out after last call in an area of downtown Sacramento bustling with nightlife. Police believe there were multiple shooters.

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