Grassley files nomination papers to seek 8th US Senate term

APNews 03:11 13.04

DES MOINES, Iowa. >Iowa. /a> (AP) — U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley filed nomination papers Friday with the Iowa. >Iowa. /a> secretary of state's office, officially beginning the process of seeking an eighth term representing Iowa. >Iowa. /a> .

How Chuck Schumer Avoided a Primary Challenge From the Left

NyTimes 15:07 07.04

Despite months of speculation, no prominent progressive has so far come forward to challenge the Democratic majority leader, who has worked hard to shore up his left flank.

Senate leaders reach agreement on $10 billion for Covid relief efforts

NBC News 06:08 05.04

Sens. Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney announced the deal after weeks of bipartisan negotiations.

Paul Chuckle and Tim Vine deliver Wembley football trophy on takeaway bikes

The Independent 15:07 04.04

The pair also dropped off the ball for the showdown between the clubs they support, Rotherham and Sutton.

Chuck Lorre’s 700th Vanity Card Pays Tribute to the 100th Episode of ‘Young Sheldon’

Rolling Stone 06:02 01.04

For his landmark 700th vanity card, Chuck Lorre chose physics. Lorre ’s 700th card happened to coincide with the 100th episode of “Young Sheldon,” which he co-created and executive…

Domino’s employee showcases a no-topping pizza order - and the internet has questions

The Independent 18:06 28.03

A Dominos worker showcased themself making a pizza order - but there were no toppings.In a video uploaded to TikTok, the Dominos worker, Beth D (@beth_dutton), can be seen chuckling as she made the order. The pizza was sans toppings, although Dutton did add a ring of garlic sauce around the edges of...

Did Biden’s remarks on Putin overshadow his Europe trip?

NBC News 00:06 28.03

“Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd joins Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss President Biden’s off-the-cuff remark about Vladimir Putin during his speech in Warsaw, and if it’s possible for Putin to return to the world order once his war in Ukraine is over. Todd says Biden “said something out loud that all of us have been thinking” when he called Putin a “butcher” and “dictator.”

Boris Johnson accused of ‘buffoonery’ during Sunak remarks on Ukraine

The Guardian 03:11 24.03

PM criticised for chuckling and pulling a face while chancellor paid tribute to Ukrainian people

Boris Johnson seen chuckling in the Commons while Rishi Sunak talks about Ukraine

The Independent 18:06 23.03

Boris Johnson was seen chuckling and pulling faces inside the House of Commons on Wednesday, at the same time as Rishi Sunak talked about people huddling in basements in Ukraine.The clip, which was tweeted by Adam Bienkov, the political Editor and Correspondent at Byline Times, shows Johnson smirkin...

Disney World regrets Texas drill team's performance with Native American stereotypes

NBC News 06:06 22.03

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said the tribe has asked the school to stop performing the routine.

The story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, founding mother of rock'n'roll

Louder 21:15 21.03

Step back Chuck Berry, Elvis and the rest... and meet Sister Rosetta Tharpe, one of the founding mothers of rock'n'roll

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to virtually address Congress

NBC News 00:07 15.03

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday that Volodymyr Zelenskyy will address Congress on Wednesday.

Audiobooks Explain Things to Me

NyTimes 03:07 08.03

Chuck Klosterman on the ’90s, Michael Schur on ethics and Florence Williams on the science of a broken heart.

Democrats see fresh hope for Biden's stalled agenda, eyeing Manchin's vote

NBC News 00:08 08.03

President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are narrowing the scope of the bill and rebranding it as an effort to combat inflation and reduce the deficit.