From the Devil to Def Leppard: how Ghost made the best album of 2022 so far

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From the influence of Def Leppard and Andrew Lloyd Webber to the inspiration of Rammstein, Ghost’s Tobias Forge reveals the secrets behind blockbusting new album Impera

“Metallica were always there”: the story behind Ghost’s Enter Sandman cover

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When Ghost’s Tobias Forge was asked to cover Metallica’s Enter Sandman at an awards ceremony, there was no way he could refuse

Ghost’s Tobias Forge: “Metallica were the biggest and most bad-ass band of them all!”

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Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge salutes the majesty of Black Album-era Metallica

Ghost’s Impera album is the 80s arena rock banger to end 80s arena rock bangers

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Album review: Ghost’s Impera proves the Devil doesn’t have the best tunes – Tobias Forge does

10 things we learned about the new Ghost album from Tobias Forge

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The Roman Empire? ? Def Leppard? ? Flat-Earth “stupidity”? We get the lowdown on Ghost’s Impera from Tobias Forge himself