Framework Laptop review: a modular PC easy to fix or upgrade

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Novel, thin and light machine bucks trend by being simple to take apart, with good performance and looks

‘People really need to know’: can we trust beauty products to be safe?

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

In a shocking new docuseries, the highly unregulated and highly dangerous world of cosmetics is thrust into the spotlight

RS Recommends: Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Every Kind of Mess

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

From lightweight cordless sticks, to robot vacuums you can schedule with your voice, here’s everything you need to know about the best vacuums online right now

Ukraine announces arrest of Putin ally in ‘lightning-fast’ operation

The Guardian 03:10 13.04

Viktor Medvedchuk had escaped house arrest on treason charges days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Airline ticket prices increase while more flights are cut

NBC News 03:07 13.04

JetBlue and Alaska Airlines say they don’t have the staff to fly their upcoming schedule. JetBlue is proactively trimming its schedule throughout the busy summer travel season by almost 150 flights per day. Bad weather has added to JetBlue ’s problems in the past week, forcing some flights to divert to other airports. Ticket prices are also increasing as fewer airline seats are available, and jet fuel prices are higher. 

Art Griffin’s Sound Chaser release second album The Seven Ages Of Starlight

Louder 21:12 12.04

Canadian instrumental prog-fusion quartet Art Griffin’s Sound Chaser release guest-packed second album

Wanted: easy Easter desserts – but no chocolate allowed

The Guardian 18:14 12.04

It’s easy to avoid yet more Easter chocolate if you lightly turn your fancy to springtime desserts, say our cooks, with meringue, pavlovas and tarts all on the menu

The growing, lightly controversial industry teaching kids crypto

Vox 18:12 12.04

Today’s parents must ask the age-old question: When’s the right time to teach my 5-year-old about NFTs? ?

'100 Years of Men in Love': New film unearths old stories of gay romance

NBC News 18:10 12.04

The "accidental collection" of photos at the center of the documentary shines light on queer love from the 1850s to the 1950s.

Airlines struggle to meet soaring demand amid staffing shortages

NBC News 18:10 12.04

Demand for travel is roaring back, but airlines are struggling to keep up with staffing requirements. Now, some carriers are being forced to reduce their flight schedules as a busy summer travel season gets ready for take off. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.

The 'YOLO' explanation why flying is currently so hard 

NBC News 12:06 12.04

Airlines are scrambling to staff up this summer to meet a surge in travel demand, and JetBlue Airways is planning to trim its summer schedule to avoid flight disruptions. Andrew Ross Sorkin joins Morning Joe to discuss.

The French town where the lighting is alive

BBC 12:01 12.04

From deep-sea fish to fireflies, dozens of organisms use bioluminescence to help themselves be seen in the natural world. But can we harness them to light our towns and cities?

The ultimate stargazing road trip

BBC 12:01 12.04

Home to Portugal's "mountain of stars" and some of Europe's least light-polluted skies, the Alentejo region is best seen at night.

The French town that will be lit by bacteria

BBC 06:01 11.04

From deep-sea fish to fireflies, dozens of organisms use bioluminescence to help themselves be seen in the natural world. But can we harness them to light our towns and cities?

MADE Discount Code | 25% Off in April 2022

The Independent 03:07 11.04

28 discount codes are available this April 2022 at The Independent. MADE voucher codes for furniture & lighting.

Readers reply: why are the UK and Ireland the only countries that have proper pubs?

The Guardian 18:12 10.04

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts

The Northman director Robert Eggers: ‘I’m shocked I made such a macho movie’

The Guardian 18:12 10.04

The American director of arthouse hits The Witch and The Lighthouse on how he came to create The Northman, a blood-soaked Viking blockbuster starring Alexander Skarsgård

As Tiger Woods Falls Out of Contention at the Masters, the Spotlight Shifts

NyTimes 18:07 10.04

Woods struggled with a 78 as the leader, Scottie Scheffler, held off a challenge from Cameron Smith to head into Sunday’s final round with a three-shot lead.

Nicolas Cage did a Reddit AMA session and it was an absolute delight

The Independent 18:06 10.04

For many Nicolas Cage is an actor who defies description. The 58-year-old star has made more than 100 films since making his debut in 1981 and due to his tendency of taking on roles in movies both big and small, that vary dramatically in quality, he has, unfairly, become something of a meme.Perhaps ...

Nigel Slater’s wild garlic and broccoli pastries, and chicken with crème fraîche recipes

The Guardian 15:15 10.04

Bring a taste of spring to the kitchen with wild garlic and a light chicken casserole

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