Gilbert Gottfried's Twitter Gets Hacked Hours After Death

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

Late comedian’s account linked people to a 20-year-old OnlyFans creator for nearly an hour

“It’s close to a miracle”: how prog-doom magicians MWWB faced down tragedy and pulled through

Louder 18:17 12.04

Welsh prog-doomsters MWWB were about to release their new album when guitarist Paul ‘Dave’ Davies was hospitalised and nearly died. What followed was a year of agony, anxiety and ultimately hope

Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman: “I nearly died last year”

Louder 12:12 12.04

“One person’s head exploded next to me”: Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman reveals near death experience in Mexico

Absentee owners buying up Scottish estates in secret sales

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Nearly half of sales of Highland estates went to absentee owners last year – in some cases for environmental offsetting

I’ve already wasted too much energy calorie-counting – pass the chorizo! | Zoe Williams

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Pork belly at 2,500 calories, with a side of cauliflower cheese at nearly 500? Printing calories on menus forces people to either stay at home or stop caring, writes Guardian columnist Zoe Williams

Lori Vallow, charged with killing her children, ruled mentally fit to stand trial

NBC News 12:06 12.04

Vallow, set to be arraigned April 19, was committed to an Idaho mental health facility nearly a year ago.

Alaska Man Who Threatened to Kill U.S. Senators Gets Nearly 3 Years in Prison

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

Prosecutors said that Jay Allen Johnson left 17 threatening and expletive-laden voicemails over five months for Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both of Alaska.

Macron Sets Out to Build a ‘Dam’ Against Le Pen. Can It Hold?

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

After Sunday’s vote, when nearly a third of ballots went to the extreme right, a united front of mainstream voters looked more precarious than ever.

The 40 Greatest Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

Rolling Stone 12:02 12.04

They’ve preserved their californicating essence through countless reinventions and funk-rap breakdowns for nearly four decades. Here are their finest moments

Sri Lanka nearly out of medicine as doctors warn toll from crisis could surpass Covid

The Guardian 03:13 11.04

Emergency surgery may soon be impossible, president told, while protests continue amid worsening economic downturn

Millions of bird deaths as US hit by avian flu outbreak

The Guardian 12:12 10.04

US officials believe nearly 24m poultry birds, mostly chickens and turkeys, have died of flu since virus strain identified in February

SNL celebrates Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation

NBC News 09:08 10.04

The show also lamented the process, including a nearly party-line final vote in the Senate.

‘I’m completely devoted to one person’: David Hyde Pierce on love, death and the Frasier reboot

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

Nearly 30 years since he wowed the world as Niles in Frasier, David Hyde Pierce has been lured back to TV as chef Julia Child’s adoring husband. He talks about food, sex – and whether he’ll soon be reuniting with Kelsey Grammer

Ax-1's all-civilian crew dock at International Space Station

NBC News 03:08 10.04

SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft, carrying the four-person crew, arrived just before 8:30 a.m. EST following a nearly 21-hour journey.

Power restored to over 1 million after massive blackout in Puerto Rico

NBC News 03:08 10.04

Electricity has been restored to roughly 87 percent of all power customers, nearly three days after a circuit-breaker failure at a main power plant caused an islandwide outage.

2 airline passengers accused of biting, spitting on flights face largest penalties yet

NBC News 03:08 10.04

Since the start of the year, the Federal Aviation Administration has proposed nearly $2 million in penalties.

Power Remains Out for Nearly Half a Million Customers in Puerto Rico

NyTimes 12:08 08.04

The island’s fragile electrical grid was slowly recovering from its latest loss of power, potentially caused by a failed circuit breaker.

New York man who moved into daughter's dorm convicted of sex trafficking, extortion 

NBC News 03:08 08.04

News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=A">A News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Manhattan">Manhattan jury convicted cult leader News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Lawrence">Lawrence News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Ray">Ray of sex trafficking and extortion. News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=The">The prosecutor called News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Ray">Ray a predator for moving into his daughter's dorm room at News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Sarah">Sarah News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Lawrence">Lawrence News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=College">College and abusing students for nearly 10 years. News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Freelance">Freelance journalist and News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Sarah">Sarah News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Lawrence">Lawrence graduate News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Ezra">Ezra News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s.jsp?otsikko=Marcus,">Marcus, who originally wrote about the story in News .jsp?otsikko=New">New News .jsp?otsikko=York">York News .jsp?otsikko=Magazine">Magazine in 2019, joined News .jsp?otsikko=New">New s Now to discuss his thoughts about the verdict.

Southern cities rocked by storms begin surveying the damage

NBC News 03:08 08.04

The South was hit with nearly 70 reported twisters across half a dozen states in just four days. In Allendale, South Carolina, there was “EF-3 level damage” according to the National Weather Service.

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