Sophie Duker: ‘You have to laugh at yourself – you’ll never be in the right for long’

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Having defeated impostor syndrome, the standup is taking on Taskmaster and returning to the Edinburgh fringe with ‘sexy and chaotic’ new show Hag

Yours for $200m: how Warhol overtook Picasso to become the most prized artist of the 20th century

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

One of his portraits of Marilyn Monroe is expected to shatter records at auction next month. But was Andy Warhol just an ‘affectless hero’ of the media age? Or was he the greatest and most profound artist of his era?

What Are Your Questions About the Future of the Coronavirus?

NyTimes 09:06 13.04

We’ll bring your queries to experts and find some answers.

Ukraine Live Updates: Putin Vows to Pursue War to Its ‘Full Completion’

NyTimes 09:06 13.04

Russia is pouring troops and equipment into eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian officials thwarted a Russia n cyberattack on Ukraine. s power grid. Gas prices are forcing President Biden into an unlikely embrace of fossil fuels.

Gene Simmons on KISS' Last Tour and How He Retains His Stamina at 72

Blabber 06:13 13.04

ET spoke with Simmons in Las Vegas ahead of the band's final tour.

Jimmy Page reveals the real reason he refused to play on Ozzy Osbourne's new album

Louder 06:12 13.04

Ozzy Osbourne recruited Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck to play on his next album but Jimmy Page said no: here's why

How conspiracy theory about Ukrainian ‘bioweapons labs’ took off

The Guardian 06:10 13.04

First it was just a tweet – but soon it had turned into a favourite Kremlin talking point. Journalist Justin Ling charts how a false claim about biological warfare spread across the internet and the world

To make our wardrobes sustainable, we must cut how many new clothes we buy by 75% | Samantha Sharpe, Monique Retamal, Taylor Brydges

The Guardian 06:10 13.04

Fast fashion is being replaced by ultra-fast fashion and many sustainability efforts do little to confront the sector’s consumption

Sikh captain and recruits sue Marine Corps over restrictions on religious articles

NBC News 06:06 13.04

The four men say the corps’ restriction on their beards, or kesh, infringes on their freedom of religion.

Opinion | What Do We Do if Putin Uses Chemical Weapons?

NyTimes 06:06 13.04

We can’t afford to repeat our mistakes in Syria. 

How the Brooklyn Subway Shooting Unfolded

NyTimes 06:06 13.04

N ews.jsp?otsikko=Passengers">Passengers rushed out of a smoke-filled N train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, after a man opened fire during rush hour on Tuesday morning.

Gilbert Gottfried's Twitter Gets Hacked Hours After Death

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

Late comedian’s account linked people to a 20-year-old OnlyFans creator for nearly an hour

RS Recommends: Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Every Kind of Mess

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

From lightweight cordless sticks, to robot vacuums you can schedule with your voice, here’s everything you need to know about the best vacuums online right now

Reece James stands out as Chelsea era ends in honourable defeat | Barney Ronay

The Guardian 03:10 13.04

With academy players at the heart of a bold performance at Real Madrid, this was a Viking funeral for the Abramovich years

America’s inflation at highest in 41 years

NBC News 03:07 13.04

News .jsp?otsikko=America’s">America’s current inflation rate is 8.5 percent, the highest it has been in 41 years. News .jsp?otsikko=This">This summer, a new government forecast predicts gas prices will be the highest since 2014. News .jsp?otsikko=President">President News .jsp?otsikko=Biden">Biden has said he will take further action, boosting the sale and production of ethanol-blended gasoline to alleviate hiking gas prices. News .jsp?otsikko=Though">Though News .jsp?otsikko=Biden">Biden blames News .jsp?otsikko=President">President News .jsp?otsikko=Putin’s">Putin’s News .jsp?otsikko=Ukraine">Ukraine invasion for rising gas prices, 38 percent of News .jsp?otsikko=Americans">Americans say they blame News .jsp?otsikko=Biden">Biden and his policies for the increase, according to our latest News .jsp?otsikko=NBC">NBC News poll.

Shocking the Bourgeoisie With Iran’s Misunderstood Modernist

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

“Blind Owl,” by Sadeq Hedayat, is a hallucinatory short novel that upends Persian artistic traditions.

In the Shadow of the Border Wall, a Catholic Kitchen Provides Hope and a Hot Meal

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

La Tilma, a restaurant run by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in El Paso, nourishes the lives of many Mexican immigrants in poverty.

Daphne Oz Talks New Projects, Her Father’s Campaign

Rolling Stone 03:02 13.04

The mother of four appears on two cooking shows and is mulling getting into fashion.

Tim Heidecker Taps Into Nineties Teen Nostalgia For New Album 'High School'

Rolling Stone 03:02 13.04

Album arrives on June 24 ahead of an expansive tour Tim Heidecker Live! Featuring Tim Heidecker and The Very Good Band

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