Watch: Rescuers evacuate people from floods in Philippines

NBC News 18:10 12.04

Tropical storm Megi brought heavy rains and flooding to parts of the Philippines on Monday, killing at least 25 people, with at least six others reported missing in landslides. The coast guard, police and firefighters rescued some villagers in flooded communities, including some who were trapped on their roofs.

Dozens killed in Philippines landslides and floods as tropical storm Megi hits

The Guardian 15:10 12.04

More than 17,000 people flee their homes as landslides engulf villages, cutting off roads and power

Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle review – Japanese soldier’s never-ending war

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Robust, old-fashioned anti-war epic tells the true story of the soldier posted to the Philippines in the second world war, who refused to surrender until 1974

Tropical storm Megi hits Philippines, leaving at least 25 dead

NBC News 12:06 12.04

The storm, the first in the Southeast Asian country this year, caused deadly landslides and floods as it made landfall on the eastern and southern coasts.

Tove Ditlevsen’s Fiction Is Bleak and Claustrophobic — Mostly in a Good Way

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

In “The Trouble With Happiness” and “The Faces,” the Danish writer who found posthumous English-language fame with “The Copenhagen Trilogy” writes about women who struggle and settle.

'All the Old Knives': All's Fair in Love and Bore

Rolling Stone 12:02 12.04

This perfectly mediocre spy flick stars Chris Pine and Thandie Newton as secret agents and ex-lovers reunited to solve the mystery of a plane hijacking

Steady Scheffler Wins Masters as Marketers Pine for Tiger’s TV Draw

Rolling Stone 03:02 11.04

The chokehold Scottie Scheffler has had on professional golf for the last three months snuffed out most of the drama from this year’s Masters—in terms of viewing interest and, likely, weekend TV ra…

Dune to All the Old Knives: the seven best films to watch on TV this week

The Guardian 12:14 08.04

Denis Villeneuve turns Frank Herbert’s novel into a sumptuous space opera with Timothée Chalamet as the archetypal hero, while Thandiwe Newton and Chris Pine get tangled up in Janus Metz’s stylish spy thriller

What to Watch on Amazon Prime: 'Outer Range,' 'The Outlaws' and Chris Pine in 'All the Old Knives'

Rolling Stone 21:03 07.04

April’s Amazon Prime offerings include disgraced spies, traitorous spies and scandalous Brits, plus the return of an unconventional animated show and a French rom-com set in L.A.

All the Old Knives review – Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton add class to CIA spy drama

The Guardian 21:11 06.04

Pine and Newton play former lovers in this watchable Le Carré-esque tale of personal and patriotic betrayals

'Star Trek: Picard' to Conclude With 'Next Generation' Reunion Season

Rolling Stone 00:02 06.04

The cast will feature LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner

Marvel comics join literary canon in special edition by Penguin Classics

The Guardian 18:12 31.03

Spider-Man, Black Panther and Captain America in black spine format complete with scholarly introduction

‘I played a virgin running behind a man with a gun’: Jane Seymour on Bond, marriage and finding happiness

The Guardian 09:10 28.03

The actor discusses her breakthrough part in Live and Let Die, staying friends with her four ex-husbands and her new role as an action hero

‘A striking work of nature’: the search for a rare flower in the Philippines jungle

The Guardian 18:10 27.03

Chris Thorogood had to venture deep into the Luzon rainforest to set eyes on the extraordinary Rafflesia banaoana

Taal volcano: thousands flee after eruption in Philippines

The Guardian 18:11 26.03

Residents ordered to leave homes as ash and steam sent hundreds of metres into sky

‘Am I Bitter or Am I Sweet? Ladies Can Be Either.’

NyTimes 03:08 26.03

The note — found at a murder scene in Simone St. James’s spine-tingling new novel, “The Book of Cold Cases” — seemed to implicate one woman. Or did it?

Cocktail of the week: Haugen’s alpine swift | The good mixer

The Guardian 18:11 25.03

A rum and pineapple aperitif with the gently bitter tones of A perol

Gareth Bale’s brilliance gives Wales World Cup playoff win over Austria

The Guardian 03:11 25.03

Gareth Bale scored a pinpoint free-kick followed by an excellent individual strike to give Wales a 2-1 win over Austria on a spine-tingling night in Cardiff

U.S. House Candidate Ends Run After Uproar Over Behavior at Sleepover

NyTimes 00:05 25.03

Abby Broyles of Oklahoma said on Thursday that she had checked into rehab “to focus on myself and my happiness” weeks after apologizing for drinking and swearing at children.

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