From the Devil to Def Leppard: how Ghost made the best album of 2022 so far

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From the influence of Def Leppard and Andrew Lloyd Webber to the inspiration of Rammstein, Ghost’s Tobias Forge reveals the secrets behind blockbusting new album Impera

Watch Rammstein's brilliantly daft new video Zick Zack

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Rammstein have gone full fancy dress again, and the results are hilarious

Watch Rammstein's brlliantly daft new video Zick Zack

Louder 21:16 07.04

Rammstein have gone full fancy dress again, and the results are hilarious

Rammstein dress up as glamorous divas in new single Zick Zack teaser video

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Rammstein have previewed their upcoming single Zick Zack in a teaser video which sees the band having undergone a dramatic makeover

"Prettier, Bigger, Harder!" Rammstein are teasing us with a new social media campaign, and we've found out why

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Rammstein have posted a series of photos with the slogan "Schöner, größer, härter!" ("Prettier, Bigger, Harder!") and we're not sure if we're excited or scared

Have Rammstein just invested in a Berlin beauty clinic?

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“Prettier, bigger, harder” – deleted social media post suggests Rammstein are getting in on the beauty business

Rammstein have revealed the tracklist for new album Zeit

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Rammstein unveil Zeit tracklisting after fans discover 11 ‘Zeit Capsules’

Mein Gott! That time Rammstein almost set a whole stage on fire by accident

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The serious on-stage fire in 1996 that inspired Rammstein’s Till Lindemann to become a pyro expert

Rammstein/Faith No More/Agnostic Front members unite to cover The Beatles for Ukraine charity single

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Members of Rammstein, Faith No More, Agnostic Front and more form supergroup to cover The Beatles' Come Together, with all proceeds from sales of the song to go to Ukraine via UNICEF

The 10 best Rammstein songs of the 90s

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The top 10 Rammstein songs of the 90s that set the tone for the mayhem to come

Top 10 best Rammstein songs of the 90s

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The top 10 Rammstein songs of the 90s that set the tone for the mayhem to come

This Rammstein gas cylinder lamp is the most metal thing you'll see this week

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Fancy an eye-catching industrial Rammstein lamp to go along with their new album Zeit? ? Allow us to light up your life

Fill your ears with 6 months of Spotify Premium for free when you sign up for Walmart Plus

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New and existing customers can take advantage of this epic streaming offer, just in time for new Rammstein and Def Leppard albums

We broke down Rammstein's insane Zeit video and we have some theories

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Rammstein tackle existentialism and age with Zeit. Here's our shot-by-shot breakdown of the music video

These are the best, worst and most WTF Twitter reactions to the new Rammstein single

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Rammstein released new single Zeit and Twitter had a meltdown, because of course it did

Rammstein's Till Lindemann once set Tool's stage on fire

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Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann took his love for pyro too far when he accidentally torched Tool's stage in 2011

Our first reaction to Rammstein’s new single Zeit

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Rammstein have broken the internet again with a brand new single. Here's what we think of it

RAMMSTEIN Announces 'Zeit' Album; Video For Title Track Available

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German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN will release their new album, "Zeit", on April 29. The official music video the LP's title track, a powerful ballad that builds to a towering epic, can be seen...

Watch the epic video for Rammstein’s brand new single Zeit

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Rammstein release the title track from upcoming new album Zeit – and the video is emotional

See Rammstein Deliver Babies in Reverse

Rolling Stone 21:02 10.03

Group teases new album Zeit with trippy video for title track

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