Opinion | Viktor Orbán’s win shows there’s still hope for Trumpism in Europe

NBC News 03:08 05.04

Authoritarian leaders who drew support, or at least inspiration, from Putin haven’t been cowed by how badly his war is going or by European democracies’ newfound resolve.

Elise Stefanik, Reinvented in Trump’s Image, Embodies a Changed G.O.P.

NyTimes 15:06 27.03

Once a mainstream Republican from a moderate district, Ms. Stefanik, the party’s No. 3 House leader, has embraced Trumpism and the extremists in her ranks.

J.D. Vance's Appeal to Ohio Voters: 'I Happen to Say Stupid Things Very Publicly'

Rolling Stone 21:02 22.03

The Ohio Senate hopeful who converted to Trumpism is now having a prolonged debate with himself about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Donald Trump’s power is fading: Trumpism is the clear and present danger now | Rebecca Solnit

The Guardian 15:12 08.03

While the ex-president is beset by legal and financial troubles, his awful doctrine remains a malign and vigorous force in US politics, says Guardian US columnist Rebecca Solnit

Indicted. Under F.B.I. Investigation. And Still Popular With Texas Republicans.

NyTimes 15:07 06.03

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, earned the most votes in Tuesday’s G.O.P. primary. His embrace of Trumpism has helped him weather a series of allegations.