‘People really need to know’: can we trust beauty products to be safe?

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

In a shocking new docuseries, the highly unregulated and highly dangerous world of cosmetics is thrust into the spotlight

‘My classmates are like my grandchildren’: Italian woman returns to school at 90

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Annunziata Murgia is oldest person ever to attend lessons for middle school diploma after second world war ruined her studies

How conspiracy theory about Ukrainian ‘bioweapons labs’ took off

The Guardian 06:10 13.04

First it was just a tweet – but soon it had turned into a favourite Kremlin talking point. Journalist Justin Ling charts how a false claim about biological warfare spread across the internet and the world

Millie Bobby Brown Speaks Out on Media’s ‘Gross’ Reaction to Her Turning 18

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

“It’s a very good representation of what’s going on in the world and how young girls are sexualized.”

Lionsgate’s GlobalGate Adds Japan’s Rakuten to Local Language Film Consortium

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

Lionsgate’s local-language film consortium GlobalGate Entertainment has added Japan’s Rakuten to its worldwide team of production and distribution partners. “We will acquire the adaptation and rema…

How dangerous is tongue-tie?

BBC 06:01 13.04

Awareness of tongue-tie, and its hidden impact on children's health, is rising around the world. Here's how it can be spotted and fixed.

Northern Ireland’s Shiels mars England win by blaming ‘emotional’ women

The Guardian 03:10 13.04

Northern Ireland’s manager, Kenny Shiels, blamed women being ‘more emotional than men’ for women’s teams conceding goals in quick succession after England’s 5-0 win in a World Cup qualifier

Mimi Reinhard, Who Typed Up Schindler’s List, Dies at 107

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

As a secretary in a forced-labor camp in World War II, she added her own name to the list of 1,100 Jews who would be spared from the gas chambers.

Covid News: World Exceeds 500 Million Known Virus Cases Amid Testing Concerns

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fined for breaking lockdown rules. The U.S. State Department orders some employees to leave Shanghai.

Ted Cruz refuses to say whether he'd fellate a stranger to end world hunger

The Independent 03:05 13.04

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) declined to answer whether he would “fellate another man” to end world hunger. The Republican politician was posed with a question he struggled to answer while speaking at Yale University on Monday.Cruz visited Yale University to appear on a live episode of his podcast Verdic...

England on verge of making World Cup finals after rout of Northern Ireland

The Guardian 00:12 13.04

Manchester City pair Lauren Hemp and Georgia Stanway both scored twice in England’s 5-0 win in the Women’s World Cup qualifier in Northern Ireland

Covid Live Updates: World Exceeds 500 Million Known Virus Cases Amid Testing Concerns

NyTimes 00:06 13.04

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fined for breaking lockdown rules. The U.S. State Department orders some employees to leave Shanghai. It says that a lockdown in the city of 25 million people “severely impacts travel and access to public services.”

Man shares optical illusion he says only 1% of people can read

The Independent 00:05 13.04

"Can you read this on your first try?"That is the question TikToker HecticNick (@hecticnick) asked after sharing an optical illusion he claims only one per cent of people in the world can read.HecticNick 's platform has numerous videos on illusions and verbal trickery that perplex his over 3.9 millio...

Rodrigues: The Indian Ocean island time forgot

BBC 00:01 13.04

Marooned 600km north-east of Mauritius, and close to no other landform, Rodrigues is a world unto itself. It is also one of the world's most remote inhabited islands.

Undercooked Djokovic loses to Davidovich Fokina in Monte Carlo

The Guardian 21:09 12.04

Novak Djokovic was beaten by Alejandro Davidovich Fokina as the world No 1’s return to the ATP Tour fell flat at the Monte Carlo Masters

Northern Ireland v England: Women’s World Cup qualifying – live!

The Guardian 21:09 12.04

Minute-by-minute report: Can England make hay again or will Northern Ireland spring a surprise? Find out with with Rob Smyth

World Bank planning to give support worth $1.5bn to Ukraine

The Guardian 21:09 12.04

Funds will help to pay hospital workers and pensions, and continue social programmes for the vulnerable

Cadbury World chocolatiers craft 40kg Easter egg equivalent to 889 bars

The Independent 21:03 12.04

The creation took three days to crack.

World Bank approves extra £770m for key Ukraine services

The Guardian 18:14 12.04

Funds will help to pay hospital workers, pensions and continue social programmes

52% of the world's population impacted by headache disorders: Study

NBC News 18:10 12.04

A new study has found that more than half the people on the planet suffer from serious headaches. NBC’s senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen reports for TODA Y on the biggest triggers and possible treatments to find relief.

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