Man sparks debate after swapping the sticker on a Walmart steak for a lower price

The Independent 00:05 23.03

Recently, some supermarkets across the US have seen an uptick in prices for common household items and groceries. One TikTok user decided to take matters into their own hands and cheat the system.Sharing a video on TikTok , a man can be seen peeling the price label from a Walmart steak he purchased a...

Ohio Republicans Would Rather Impeach a Judge than Stop Cheating at Elections

Rolling Stone 00:02 19.03

Republicans want to toss out a state Supreme Court justice for the high crime of demanding fair election maps

Hidden Tampa: The Best of an Often-Overlooked Florida City

NyTimes 21:07 18.03

From a Buddhist temple reached by boat to a storied hotel and a speakeasy bar: a cheat sheet on what to do in this Gulf Coast city, which has found new fans during the pandemic.

Hoping to Identify Cheaters, a Professor Sues His Own Students

NyTimes 03:07 18.03

David Berkovitz, who teaches business law at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., sued an unnamed group of his students — identified only as “Does” — after he discovered that his midterm and final exams had been uploaded to a popular website.

The awkward moment cheaters get busted via text

The Independent 18:07 14.03

Discovering that you’re being cheated on can be a horribly scarring event. As these people found out, possibly the worst way of learning the news is when your significant other accidentally sends you a message meant for their man or woman on the side. Sign up to our new free Indy100 weekly newslette...

Roasted Cabbage Caesar Salad With Chickpeas Recipe

NyTimes 21:10 09.03

This is not your usual Caesar salad It forgoes the lettuce for wedges of roasted cabbage and replaces the croutons with roasted chickpeas The Caesar dressing is a cheater’s version, using store-bought mayonnaise instead of fresh egg yolks; roasted garlic adds creamy richness, while briny capers and lemon evoke traditional Caesar flavors

Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Tarragon Tart Recipe

NyTimes 21:10 08.03

Because you don’t have to make your own crust, this gorgeous asparagus-striped tart is so easy it almost feels like cheating But it’s not It’s just simple yet stunning, effortlessly chic and company-ready

What is today's Wordle answer #262?

The Independent 12:06 08.03

Warning: Spoiler ahead. Another day, another Wordle.People are starting to get complacent with the viral word game with cheating increasing by a staggering 196 per cent. Players are also switching it up a bit by giving Heardle, a Wordle-inspired version for music loves, and Lewdle, a NSFW take on th...

Women pay Playboy model £1,400 to test their boyfriend's loyalty

The Independent 15:06 05.03

Let's face it - nobody wants to get cheated on. But how far would you be willing to go to test your significant other's loyalty?Well, according to model Carolina Lekker (@carollekker_), it turns out there are plenty of women willing to splash the cash to get to the truth by hiring her to put their o...

Woman sends porn star to test boyfriend and it massively backfires

The Independent 21:06 04.03

A woman enlisted the help of a porn star to 'test' her partner, and it resulted in her feeling jealous and insecure.Imagine.The entire debacle was filmed for the show To Catch A Cheater, a YouTube channel about schadenfreude masquarading as vigilante romance justice.In a recent episode, porn star V...